System Design

  • Business Complexity
  • Lack of Information
  • System Integration

Business Complexity

Adding new revenue streams, entering new or changing markets can put stress on a financial system. Existing systems must be evaluated to ensure the system can handle existing and future work-loads. How often do you evaluate your financial management system? The ultimate point of a financial system is to put it in place and rely on it.

Lack of Information

Finance is one of the biggest drivers for key company decisions. Without up-to-date information you can be held up in the decision-making process and possibly miss a profitable business opportunity.

System Integration

Are there areas in your accounting functions that are undocumented? If your team enters data manually, the company is susceptible to human error. Your financial information will be more accurate the more automation is in place. The more complex your company is, the more imperative system integration becomes.

BAS can provide your company a system design analysis that will provide assurance your immediate and long-term growth needs are aligned.

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