Finance Forecast Services

  • Create a clear path to achieve your goals
  • Reinforce Trust and Confidence in Raising Funds
  • Learn what Resources You Need (And When)

Using a Finance Forecast to Achieve Goals

Knowing your business day-to-day, or even month-to-month doesn't allow you to see the big picture of where you are heading. You can't build a bridge to your goals one plank at a time. You need to know the distance between you and the goal and how much weight you need to bear. BAS PDX can define your target and create a plan for how to get there.

Reinforce Confidence for Raising Funds

Even if you have the benefit of having a great story, relationships or even luck at the end of the day it will come down to numbers. If you are trying to raise capital from either investors or loans, you will want to be able to provide a Financial Forecast Report for those that are providing the capital. BAS PDX can provide the finance forecast required to instill confidence in your lenders.

Knowing What You Will Need and When

An efficient company with a great financial forecast knows exactly the resources they will need and when they will need them especially when it comes to funding. BAS PDX can forecast how long funding will last until the next round. A finance forecast also helps you decide on staffing solutions prevent over-staffing and under-staffing. Finally, a finance forecast can help you make decisions on any materials you need.

BAS PDX Finance Forecast Services

The most successful small businesses benefit from a finance forecast. Some business struggle because of a lack of an accurate forecast (or no forecast at all). this is understandable without an in-house CFO with the tools or knowledge to create such a forecast, not to mention to keep the financial forecast accurate and updated. BAS PDX can be your outsourced CFO providing you with a finance forecast at a price point your business can afford.

Call Business & Accounting Solutions, LLC (BAS PDX) today (503) 710-6213 for your Finance Forecast Solution. BAS PDX provides a complete list of outsources CFO Services to Portland and Gresham including help in raising capital, finance forecast services, high-level strategy, consulting, systems design, cash flow, and bookkeeping.