How to Raise Capital

  • How Much Capital Do You Need
  • How to Raise Capital
  • Negotiate a Win-Win Agreement

How Much Capital Do You Need

A common mistake businesses make when seeking to raise capital is asking for too little in order to have a chance of success. Figure the worst-case scenario will occur. You can’t assume instant profitability. It’s virtually impossible to have too much money. BAS can determine the optimal capital required to comfortably run your business.

How to Raise Capital

Small businesses raise capital using a number of different sources. From personal credit lines, home equity loans to government sponsored subsidized loans and commercial banks. All sources of funds require detailed accurate financial information. BAS can create the optimal financing solution for your business.

Negotiate a Win-Win Agreement

Negotiations involve the following factors:

  • Amount required
  • Term
  • Return on Investment from the Company’s perspective
  • Return on Investment from the lender/investor’s perspective
  • Certainty of the Return
  • Control

BAS can evaluate all the terms of the agreement to ensure the best possible outcome is obtained to maximize Owner/Shareholder value.

Call Business & Accounting Solutions, LLC (BAS PDX) today (503) 710-6213 for your Capital needs assessment. BAS PDX provides a complete list of outsources CFO Services to Portland and Gresham including help in raising capital, finance forecast services, high-level strategy, consulting, systems design, cash flow, and bookkeeping.