High Level Strategy

  • Value
  • Leveraging Business Drivers
  • Integrity


The CFO is the company officer in charge of optimizing performance that increases Owner/Shareholder value. To realize the true performance potential requires the CFO to develop an unbiased end-to-end view of the company’s value chain – from customer needs to back-office operations to suppliers’ contributions to competitors positioning and recognize the areas that need attention. BAS can create the metrics that will optimize Owner/Shareholder value.

Leveraging Business Drivers

All CFO’s define metrics that track performance. In other words, define the ways success is recognized. These numbers reveal trends, risks and opportunities as well as determine the company’s awareness of how the outside world view’s them. A strategically oriented CFO can ensure the whole company focuses on key business driver’s that convey an understanding of value. Let BAS be among the company’s principal levers for articulating and delivering its strategic agenda.


CFO’s have long been regarded as the financial gatekeeper of the corporation, the guardian of Shareholder value. Integrity is not just a matter of honesty; it requires skillful communications and a leadership style that promotes positive exchange of ideas. Effective CFO’s collaborate with other functional leaders to develop ways to use finance to improve their effectiveness and bottom-line results. Let BAS provide the kind of authentic leadership style that will inspire others and make a difference to your team.

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