Cash Flow

  • Free Cash Flow
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Break-Even Analysis

Free Cash Flow

No, it's not free cash. It's free cash flow. Free cash flow is a measurement of the unconstrained cash flow of the company. It measures the company's ability to general internal growth and to return profits to shareholders'. Let BAS look deeper into your company's free cash flow to determine the amount of cash your company can put aside after expenses have been paid.

Cash Flow Analysis

Cash flow analysis is very important for obtaining an unbiased view of the company's financial health. Cash flow analysis provides insight into how your company generates and expends cash, and ultimately, its ability to return value to the shareholders'. BAS can help you establish a cash flow statement to assist in preserving the company's viability now and in the future.

Break-Even Analysis

It is important for a business owner to review cash flow and break-even analysis to ensure the success of the business. It is critical for a business to break down expenses and understand how each expense category is affected by an increase or decrease in revenue. BAS can break down the details for you and provide the critical information to make informed business decisions.

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